Anonymous said: can you explain the difference between fetishizing asians and preferring asian facial features (finding them ideal, the best looking)?


please show me an example of universal “asian” facial features.

you like small eyes? some asians got big eyes. some white ppl got small eyes. you like high cheekbones? do people of other races not have high cheekbones? are there not asians without high cheekbones? just what do you mean when you talk about “asian facial features”???

when you say “asians” do you mean central asia and south asia too? are you talking india? kyrgyzstan? uzbekistan? sri lanka? pakistan? or just east asia? just china and korea and japan? think about it for a sec.

White Womanhood, Racism, Ageism, and the Cult of Rose Tyler


As a fan of Doctor Who for many years, and as someone who’s aware of how white privilege and racism function both in the media and in fandom, it is not surprising to me to find that there’s a lot of overlap between the implicit message that RTD era Doctor Who has which promotes white privilege, especially in the form of Rose Tyler’s brand of young white womanhood, and how this translates to that character being utilized by many within the fandom as a tool to justify and defend their problematic reasons behind their ardent dislike of Martha Jones or even ageist reasons why they dislike Donna Noble.

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Beautifully on point.

I went through the notes and noticed a couple of people pointing out that Rose herself faces a lot of classist bashing. This is true, and worth discussing either in its own right or as part of a wider intersectional conversation, if done with care and awareness that invoking classism is a concern-trolling tactic frequently used to redirect conversation away from racism, especially anti-black racism. But invoking class-bashing as a defense of Rose Tyler (who is a fictional character not being attacked here; the critique is of RTD’s narrative and the way large swathes of fandom interpret it) against charges of racism and ageism is textbook derailing.

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Seriously, it surprises me that people still don’t get that “whitewashing” doesn’t just mean “taking a character of color and turning them white,” but also applies to “focusing disproportionately on the stories of white people,” “glossing over or altering parts of a story to make it more palatable or make white people look better,” and “treating ‘white’ as the default race”

The fact that Disney churns out film after film after film after film about white people with a maximum of one film per ethnicity that showcases a group other than white people is whitewashing.

The fact that the story of “Pocahontas” (not her real name) has been substantially altered so that some of the white people in that story don’t look like such villains, with John Smith younger and Pocahontas significantly older, as well as recounting a popular myth of her saving John Smith from near-execution (a story John Smith made up to make himself look brave, the real Pocahontas told him to stop telling and hated him for using her to make himself look good, and he started to spread like wildfire after she died because she could no longer object) is whitewashing.

The fact that the characters on “How I Met Your Mother” are all white, and they supposedly live in New York City, but apparently associate exclusively with other white people (with the exception of Wayne Brady, who occasionally visits from out of town, and a recurring taxi driver) is whitewashing.

The fact that the Doctor has now been a white man a full twelve times in a row is whitewashing even though the character’s always been white, because the idea that there’s a character whose entire appearance can change in a matter of seconds, yet ends up white twelve times in a row by pure random chance, implies that white is a neutral default and other races are a deviation from that norm. 

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Nailed it.

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Orson Scott Card’s long history of homophobia





Ender’s Game is an amazing book.

For those who are concerned about it, it is worth noting that Orson Scott Card sold the rights in totality. He has already gotten all the money he will from this project - he will not be getting any royalties from the movie. Your choice to go see it or not will not influence his earnings one way or the other. It will only affect whether you see the movie.

From the trailer, it looks like either people are going to be really really surprised about what the story’s actually about, or they entirely missed the point. It’s a little mystifying. It could be awesome. Or it could be, well, really NOT Ender’s Game. We’ll see.

Well that’s useful to know, thanks!


The problem with the “don’t protest the Ender’s Game movie, OSC already got paid!” argument is that if the movie does well, he’ll see an increase in book sales/royalties, and it’s very possible that other studios will buy the rights to his books to make them into films. (Plus, the Ender’s Game sequels.)

So yes, your choice to see Ender’s Game can and will affect how much money goes into the pocket of a homophobic, racist bigot.

Yeah, this is nice to know if you saw Ender’s Game before finding out that OSC is a bigot who funds bigoted organizations (as happened to the daughter of a friend of mine), but it’s not a great justification to go see the film knowing in advance.

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And because I feel like the previous post doesn’t say it loud enough.

TW: Racist violence.

"From the early 1950s, young White working-class ‘Teddy Boys’ began to turn hostile towards the growing numbers of Black families in the area. Right-wing groups exploited the situation. Fascist groups such as the Union for British Freedom set up branches in the district. Sir Oswald Mosely, founder of the pre-war British Union of Fascists, held street-corner meetings in west London and further afield. Leaflets and wall slogans urged ‘Keep Britain White’.

During the summer of 1958, gangs of Teddy Boys became increasingly open about their aggressive intentions toward anyone who was Black. Youths smashed Caribbean cafs. Individuals were harassed. On the morning of 24 August, nine White youths assaulted five Black men in separate incidents in Shepherd’s Bush and Notting Hill, seriously injuring three of them.

More about the 1958 riots (tw for racism, racist violence, and racial slurs):

You can even find people on Stormfront talking about them being one of the first anti-Black youth cults.

This is why those “girl gang” posts predominantly highlighted and praised by white women make me uncomfortable as shit.  White counter-culture/alt culture youth groups have a long history of committing hate crimes.

You can dig the fashion, but let’s not pretend these were awesome people from an awesome time being awesome.

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Okay, one more time: yes, G*psy is an offensive word. It is a slur used in hatred and violence across Europe, historically *and* in the modern day.

Yes, even if you spell it that other way.

Yes, they named the Jaeger after a plane. Yes, they named the plane after, probably, a moth. Gee, what do you think THOSE were named after? You think it was, what, just a total coincidence?

The romanticized “people who move from place to place because they are oh so wild and free” meaning was invented to gloss over the reality of people who moved from place to place because they were evicted, discriminated against, made victims of every kind of violence. The romantic cover-story  was another way of saying "they were asking for it."

No, it doesn’t mean Pacific Rim is ruined forever and all the people involved were horrible worthless human beings and zog zog zog.

What it does mean is that people need to listen, and learn. People need to talk about this until people learn to do better.

Please do better.

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I just moved to California a few weeks ago…I get there, I get out of my car; literally 10 seconds after I get out my car, this car pulls up, this guy pokes his out of the window, he yells at me “Hey Kumar, where’s Harold!” and drives away! TEN FUCKING SECONDS, like he’d been waiting around the corner for weeks like “I can’t wait for a brown to come to town: I’ve got a pop culture reference that will belittle him”.

I got so angry, and whenever somebody’s racist to me I get so angry, and I was trying to think “Why?”. And I think it’s because, when somebody is racist to you, there are no comebacks: there is nothing you can say to win. I mean, what am I gonna do: be racist back to them? No, because I’m not racist, and because most of the people who are racist to me are…white, and it’s very tricky to be racist to white people. Like, what am I gonna be, like “Oh, I’m Kumar? Well….you’re the lead in most movies that come out! Your move”.


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Poarch Creek Student Fined for Wearing Eagle Feather at Graduation




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For all the white hipsters who get huffy about how they don’t get to wear headdresses when really they are just whining about not getting to wear headdresses without getting shit for it… THIS. THIS RIGHT HERE IS WHY. Because it is all kinds of fucked up to appropriate someone’s culture while people FROM that culture have not just been historically punished for expressing their culture, but often face active and contemporary harassment. Your penalty for wearing an Eagle feather is getting called out and being seen as an insensitive asshole. This young woman’s penalty is having her high school diploma ransomed for $1,000.


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Doctor Who has a strong track record of diverse casting among both regular and guest cast. Freema Agyeman became the first black companion and Noel Clarke starred in a major role for five years [Mickey Smith].

Reflecting the diversity of the UK is a duty of the BBC, and casting on Doctor Who is colour-blind. It is always about the best actors for the roles.


Says the BBC after a series of essays discussing Doctor Who and Race suggest that the show has some racist undertones.

LOL wow, you guys have had 2 PoC in major roles in the show’s 50 year history. That’s such fucking diverse casting.

[gif removed for accessibility]

I’m not surprised by the amount of white tears and race-splaining that I’m seeing in reaction to this article and the idea of the existence of these essays that’s coming from the DW fandom.

The Doctor Who and Race anthology is set to be published in July of this year. To find out more, go here.

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On the plus side, despite or more accurately because all the ‘splaining and hand-wringing from people who clearly haven’t even skimmed a preview copy, this book has shot way the hell up my “to buy” list.

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The internet makes me sad because sometimes I think about the possibility of black kids getting into fandom because of something like the possibility of a Human Torch who looks like them. Or any mainstream superhero that looks like them.

And then experiencing the insidious, toxic attitudes that pervade every corner of fandom (and yes that includes Tumblr) and that just bums me out.

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