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fire lord more like dork lord

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That feeling, it’s like what being born must be like, except you’ve got context.

DC Comics Superheroine & the First Lady of Comics: Lois Lane
↳ “Lois Lane is Clark Kent’s Superman”

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He was there for the good of the planet, for the good of humanity. It wasn’t about himself. It became about something bigger and — I’ve hit on it again —   that’s what makes the companions brilliant. They realize they’re there for a bigger purpose.”
— John Barrowman | 
Doctor Who: The Companions

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Martha Jones + character traits

Magnaminous: generous in forgiving an insult or injury; free from petty resentfulness or vindictiveness.

(Also see: her relationships with her family and the Doctor to at least some extent.)

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And this was the moment I knew I’d love Leela!

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This was the moment I knew I’d love Martha Jones.

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"I like to see one extraordinary thing every day."

No one told me Broadway Spider-Man was Dorian Grey on Penny Dreadful!

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Make Me Choose
anon asked: Donna or Martha

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