So I’m guessing I’m the only one who knows Gwen Stacy was Peter’s first love…

[CONTENT WARNING for misogyny.]


At least in the comic books.

Then she died.

And Mary Jane (That whore) was introduced.

And I don’t even read comics.

Well, you might be the only one who “knows” this stuff, because quite apart from the oh so charming slut-shaming and prejudice against sex workers you have going there, you’re wrong on all counts. (Except that Gwen died, I’ll give you that one.)

1) Peter’s first love was Betty Brant; Peter was seriously considering proposing when they fell apart.
2) MJ was introduced before Peter and Gwen even started seriously dating — almost 80 issues before The Death of Gwen Stacy. Although Gwen’s first appearance was before MJ’s, in Amazing Spider-Man #31, MJ was technically a part of the Spider-Man universe before Gwen because she was mentioned and made faceless “mystery” appearances several times before she finally appeared in ASM #42.
3) Gwen and MJ were very close, and a rare example in fiction of women interested in the same man yet who stay friends. It’s completely fine to prefer one over the other with Peter, but insulting one for the sake of the other (or, for that matter, Felicia or Betty) is rather severely missing the point. Besides which, Gwen’s clone (who had the personality and memories of Gwen the original, at least to start) has expressed happiness that Peter and MJ found each other after “her” death.
4) “Whore” is a pejorative term for someone who provides sexual services in exchange for money. Personally, I think it’s pretty horrible to shame and insult sex workers for what they do, but since I realize I’m unlikely to convince you on that count I’ll only point out that contrary to popular belief, actors and models are part of the entertainment and fashion industries, not the sex industry. So aside from being incredibly misogynist, your insult is inaccurate.

Congratulations! It’s hard to fit that many factual and interpretation errors into a mere five lines, but you succeeded.

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