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Some Basic French Expressions

for someone who speaks French….this is fucking awful. 

im sorry but im a professional frencher, this is the most accurate french language you’ll ever purchase, I promise you this

100% accurate.

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"We praise people for being “naturally” smart, too, “naturally” athletic, and etc. But studies continue to show, as they have for some time now, that it is generally healthier to praise schoolchildren for being hardworking, than for being naturally gifted. We know now that to emphasize a child’s inherent ability places pressure on that child to continue to be accidentally talented, which is something that is hard for anyone to control. When the children who are applauded for their natural skills fail, they are shown to take the failure very personally. After all, the process of their success has always seemed mysterious and basic and inseparable from the rest of their identity, so it must be they who are failing as whole people. When students are instead complimented and rewarded for their effort and improvement, they tend to not be so hard on themselves. When they fail, they reason, “Well, I’ll work harder next time.” They learn that they are capable of success, rather than constantly automatically deserving of it, and they learn simultaneously that they are bigger and more complex than their individual successes or failures."

Kate of Eat the Damn Cake, The Stupidity of “Natural” Beauty (via theimperfectascent)

I lost whole years of my life to self-loathing and self-sabotaging because I couldn’t sustain being ‘gifted’.  Don’t make the same mistake.

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This is so, so important for teachers to understand. I try, in every report card, to focus on effort, not natural ability. And you know what? It makes a big difference in my classroom.

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fyeahlilbit3point0 asked: I will be so mad if live-action Spider-Man and his giant mecha don't show up.

(Re: Spider-Verse) I’m very torn about this because on the one hand, the Western Spider-People meeting either one of the Japanese Spider-Men, or both. On the other, Dan Slott.

Then again, if there’s one thing Slott does well it’s make big, goofy, self-indulgently fannish plotlines a helluva lot more entertaining than they have any business being.

”I am Groot.”

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"What they don’t understand about birthdays and what they never tell you is that when you’re eleven, you’re also ten, and nine, and eight and seven, and six, and five, and four, and three, and two, and one." -Sandra Cisneros, "Eleven"

Oh no this is super adorable

I finally stopped to take a closer look at this and oh my GOD this is amazing.

oh. OH

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Peter Parker by JoeJusko

1989 - Marvel Press Posters

aww yeah take off those high-waisted jeans

I assume this is a selection from MJ’s “special” photo album.




Peter Parker by JoeJusko

1989 - Marvel Press Posters

aww yeah take off those high-waisted jeans

I assume this is a selection from MJ’s “special” photo album.

I would’ve watched a whole season of this.

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REDIVIDER JOURNAL: Your work to date seems to exhibit a tension between sympathetic moral engagement and an aesthetic fixation with nastiness and evil; how do you manage to encourage basic human decency in your work when faced with the fact that evil is just sexier?
DANIEL HANDLER: In my experience, evil is only sexy in fiction. A fantasy about a wicked woman throwing one down an elevator shaft may be appealing; actually being thrown down an elevator shaft is not. Much mischief in this world appears to be the result of people forgetting they are not in a gothic novel or an action movie. A public forum, such as an interview, may be a good place to remind such people: you are not in a gothic novel or an action movie.
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(Spider-Man, Ryōichi Ikegami, written with Kazumasa Hirai, c.1971)

Starring soon in Spider-Verse!

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Portland, Oregon-based artist AJ Fosik (previously featured here) has created an awesome new series of dynamic and vibrant wooden sculptures. Each ferociously striking piece is made using locally sourced lumber from Oregon that is painstakingly carved, painted, and assembled.

"The interpretive works are featured as both eye-popping wall mounts and stand-alone sculptures. There is also a piece in the exhibit that is a 30-sided geometrical shape made of thirty different, diamond-shaped sculptural panels."

This new solo exhibition, entitled Against the Infinite, is currently on display at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York through December 21, 2013.

Visit the gallery website to view the rest of this stunning exhibition.

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